Our dear friends are getting married in gorgeous, sunny California.

A few weeks ago, we received their wedding invitation in the mail.  Every detail was stunning and handcrafted.  Another artist friend had meticulously created them for the bride and groom.  The very act of opening the envelope brought a smile to my face.

Mr. Anonymous looked up from the rest of the stack of mail and saw my expression.

“Let’s just go,” he said languidly.

I laughed.  We’d talked about this before.  His work is demanding; there’s really no such thing as a day off.  Bea is in school and starting a new semester.  Doc struggles with simply traveling to the grandparents’ house.

So he shrugged slightly, kissed me goodbye, and left for a meeting.

Wistfulness set in as I watched him leave.  Maybe there was a way?

By the time he swept back through the door at dinner, I handed him a stack of papers.

“What’s this?” he asked, beginning to leaf through them.

“Hotels,” I answered while biting my lower lip.  “And a schedule.”

He looked up in surprise.

“Well,” I started, “That week backs right into Bea’s mid-winter break at school, and you know how they’re always pushing you to try and take some time off, and Doc would sleep fine if we drove at night… I mean, I know it’s a REALLY long way, but you love road trips, and I don’t want to fly with a baby.”  My voice trailed off.  This was stupid.  What was I thinking?

But his eyes were all happiness.

“Let’s pray about it and book a room.  We NEED this.”

Yes.  We.  Do.

So, on Valentine’s Day, we lock up the old house, drop off Fuzz dog at the sitters, and drive and drive and drive to perfect California.

Oh, the joyous relief!  Bea cried when we told her (she’s not one for tears most of the time).  “I promise to make up all the work before we go!”  And she has.  Her teachers were shockingly supportive, gave her all her studies ahead of time, and have wished us all a wonderful trip.

Tomorrow, the big push begins: laundry, packing, sweeping, scrubbing, eating through the food in the fridge, putting the mail on hold, washing the dog for the sitter, buying tiny-sized lotion and conditioner, locating my flip-flops… today can’t seem to move quickly enough!

Bea and I already have manicures and pedicures scheduled.  Mr. Anonymous bought me a new camera (I even have figured out how to use it!) and himself some new sandals.  Bea and Doc go to a Valentine’s Day party on Monday, and all of our handmade goodies have been stitched and glued and cut and labeled.  Wedding gifts have been finished and wrapped.  Promises of swimming in an outdoor pool have been made.  Doc has a cache of crackers and grapes awaiting him.  Only good things lay ahead.

Amazing, yes?


Here’s hoping your next week is as full of promise and sweetness!