I spent a good portion of my childhood waiting.

A thousand years ago, when Mr. Anonymous and I got serious, I told him that being late was going to be a deal-breaker in our relationship.  Tardiness goes way down deep for me.

So marking time is not really my strong suit.

And, yep, you guessed it!  That’s what we’re doing now.

The call we got about baby Birdie (I think that will be her ‘anonymous’ name here on the blog) was less than two weeks ago, but we have all of our paperwork, certification, and clearances done.  Bags are packed, her crib and room are set up, and the house is ready-to-go-on-vacation clean.  We are prepared to buy airline tickets and take a redeye.  All we need is a final phone call from the legals saying they are ready for us in court.

I was two weeks overdue with Bea when she finally made her entrance into the world.  Doc, too, was almost equally as late being born.  But those circumstances were different.  Birdie is OUT there, waiting for us, ready to come home to her family.  NOW.

And we are waiting for a lawyer to get back from a fishing trip.  This’ll all be funny someday, right?

I’ve been motivated to finish a variety of projects in the mean time, Bea has been working ahead in her studies, and Mr. Anonymous has been the epicenter for managing phone calls and paperwork.  Doc is fascinated by Birdie’s crib, car seat, and clothes.  He’ll point to them and ask, “Baby?  Birdie?” (well, he’ll say her real name).  We all nod and enthusiastically repeat after him.  Only the Fuzz Dog seems irritable by our unusual activities, but we don’t pity him too much.  While we’re gone, he’s going to the ultimate canine resort where he is pampered practically out of his fur.  We call it “Gramma’s House”.

A bit ago, I saw this article for making your own mandarin orange candle using nothing but olive oil.  (No, that wouldn’t be my choice for a blog name either… sorry, everyone!)  The idea was too good to pass up, so we tried it.  It smelled very Mediterranean.  We discovered that the flame likes plenty of air, and it burned for hours.

That’s all from me today (and hopefully for a while!).  Strangely, I really want to be busy with double diaper duty and late nights.  Hope your week is wonderful and smells like oranges!