Hello, April!  Wow, you’re pretty.  Sun-drenching, lusciously pretty.

We live where the cherry blossoms pop open overnight, so pink that they look like puffy wads of candy.

Birds sing all day—not just in the morning.  The only time you can’t hear them is when the anthem of lawn mowers drowns them out.

Spring is noisy, pollinated, and absolutely perfect.

Last week, I hauled out the rotting wood from around a garden bed that holds our century-plus-old lilac trees and replaced everything with curving stone.  (Great workout!)  The honeysuckle has its ropey tendrils snaking over the arbor above one of the gates.  Hostas have pressed their bunny-ear sprouts out of the soil and are making to stretch out.  But they have nothing on the clematis!  It’s going to be a plush year for them!

We sold our car over spring break.  We’d only had it five years, but our new vehicle seats seven instead of barely five (seriously, Bea couldn’t wedge even her tiny tukus between two car seats in the back).  Which leads me to adoption… we know a new little one will be joining our family; we just don’t know when.  We’ve now had three other phone calls since the first, but nothing has worked out.  As the old saying goes: we’re on God’s time.  (But really, aren’t we all?)

In project news, I finally, FINALLY got the citrus coasters (thanks, Purl Bee) finished.  They need cute labeling, but since they’re gifts for Bea’s teachers, I figure I have ‘til June to get those printed off.

Of course, they day before they were done, my awesome mother-in-law dropped by, raved over them, and said she’d love some for Mother’s Day.  I laughed before I realized she was sincere.  (In case you may not have noticed yet, I often get myself into awkward situations this way).  So… I’ll be making another set for her.  But I’ve got a month!  (Read: tomorrow the stitching begins).

Purl Bee is far too alluring.  These felt baby booties are marvelously precious and already cut out.  Depending on when Doc wakes up, they may get made today.  If they work up easily, I’m going to have Bea make a pair to add to our ‘Gifts to Give’ box.

Hope your week is sunny and green outside and full of crafts inside!