The felt booties have become an addiction.

But, seriously, they whip together almost on their own!!

Here are a few of the pairs:

These were the two I started with, floral and fishy.

Then there were the beachy ones.

Next came the bumble bee pair.

Since then, I’ve made ones with little buttons (the buttons are an eighth of an inch in length, so tiny!)  And there is a red apple-themed pair ready to be created tomorrow… there was some mandatory crafting that had to be finished first today, and then the day was just over!  (Not to mention that I still have five table runners to hem for Bea’s teacher, a pillow to stitch up, and an embroidery square to press—tomorrow.  I can make booties after all that is done tomorrow).  Here’s hoping Doc takes an epic nap.

A friend mailed me some of her home-made lotion yesterday.  It was the sweetest surprise!  It smells so luscious I want to smear it inside of my nose (but I won’t ‘cause that would be yucky).

Hope your week has been productive and full of your favorite goodies!