A while back, we had Bea and Doc switch rooms.  Doc’s room had an enormous closet that a boy should never need, and Bea’s room had a bit more goof-off space in the actual room.

I’d been mildly fretting about how we could make more space in Bea’s closet to share with a potential sister when Mr. Anonymous suggested the switch.  It was one of those ‘of-COURSE-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that’ moments.

Bea was reluctant at first, so Mr. Anonymous bribed her with a room redecoration.  She was on board after that.

This week, we (Bea and I) came to an agreement on a color scheme: red, aqua, and pink.  I know, I know!  Super trendy—but we’re incorporating greens and yellows, too.  Here’s the thing: Bea is into marine life and art and literature.  What if Birdie likes gymnastics and gardens and circuses?  The way I see it is if they can have a common color scheme, they both can frame whatever they want.  (That way we avoid dolphins under the big top or Michelangelo in full pike position gracing the walls).

The biggest change is that Bea REALLY wanted a bunk bed (and by REALLY, I mean desperately so).  Thanks to craigslist and good garage sale weather last weekend, we scored a dandy one last weekend.  Mr. Anonymous has been scrubbing and priming, buying new hardware, and doing a bit of redesigning.  Bea has talked about it relentlessly.  I need to come up with two mattresses, matching sheets, and some kind of window treatment… and decide on a wall color.  Oh, and I’d like to find an old cheapy chandelier that builders often slapped into new homes in the early nineties.  I have plans to spray paint it aqua!

Point to all this is that we have a long way to go… but I’ll probably post pictures when it’s finished.

In the meanwhile, here are the apple booties and tiny button booties.

And some simple fishy booties with an anchor-themed burp cloth.

Happy May to you!