The girl room (as we’ve taken to calling it) is finished… basically.

Soon after taking these pictures, we hung more artwork and bought a shelf to hang for the lower bunk.  (We opted not to use nightstands.  Bea just wanted a spot to set her water bottle, book, and book light… a decorative shelf works perfectly for that.)

So, essentially, this is what the digs look like.  (Yes, I edited faces out of all the pictures; that’s why they look weird. :))

We spray painted the garage sale chandelier after deconstructing it a bit (it was pretty massive).

Since the room used to be Doc’s, it had the red floor.  I like red; Bea likes blue.  And both of us are rather passionately opposed to the other color. *sigh*  Picking a wall color was, in short, an ordeal.  But Bea is thrilled, and I don’t sleep in the room, so everything worked out well in the end.

The space feels youthful to me, which is nice.  I wanted her to have a comfortable area that wasn’t super grown-up yet for two reasons.  One, she’s not an adult; it’s coming quickly enough though!  Two, if she’s going to be sharing it with someone significantly younger, it should reflect that.

In the spirt of such things, Bea kept a lot of childhood books on the shelves.  Most of her reading material comes from the library, but she often reads to Doc when he pulls something down.  The postcards and photos are sentimental and add color variety.

The dolphin painting was a gift made to match the color scheme in the room.  Bea loves it.  It seems almost silly to have a desk in her room since most of her schoolwork is done in the sunroom, but she sometimes has projects that are better suited to her own space (especially away from Doc’s curious fingers!).

Overall, I’m satisfied with the place.  It’s NOT my style, but it is Bea’s… and that’s good.  The bunk beds make an incredible amount of space, and that’s thrilling.  The room never felt big (love living in an old home—seriously), but I was afraid having two girls in there would make it seem tiny.  That’s not a worry anymore.  The closet (which is behind the wooden door in the first picture) is enormous… like half the square footage of the actual bedroom.

There are a few more details I’d like to see done (bedding for the lower bunk, names painted above each bed tier, more artwork), but those sort of things seem to evolve as one lives in the space.  Besides, there’s only one in the room right now!  We’ve got plenty of time.

Hope your week is both colorful and satisfying!

P.S.  We’ve begun counting down until school is finished for the year.  Oh, summer!  How we are eager to greet you!