Yes, we’re all still here, blissfully reveling in the magic of summer.

I’ve had a thousand spontaneous projects; from suddenly inspired friends to some impulsive garage sale finds, the list I keep on the fridge never seems to get any shorter!  Mr. Anonymous has been refinishing, restoring, and actually accomplishing so much.  He’s my inspiration.

Bea has been taking art classes this season, and I’m really impressed with how patient she’s become.  Her work is meticulous.  Doc has learned how to climb through windows (I wish I were joking), speak entire imaginary scenarios (him and Bea playing together crack me up), and begun to strangle off the need for afternoon napping.  The two of them have been growing at an alarming rate!  What is it about sunshine and water that causes children to sprout up like tomatoes in the summer?!

Every year, I try and learn a new form of art, and Mr. Anonymous (blessed man) is the picture of support in each endeavor.  Right now, a corner of my desk looks like this:

The rest is heaped with stacks of fabric (for teaching sewing lessons), layouts for screen printing, and a new sewing machine manual (long, not-for-this-post story).  Learning how to carve wax forms for jewelry casting has been humbling.  It’s messy but wholly gratifying.  (And quietly toiling away in the sunroom is bliss itself on a humid summer’s night; Mr. Anonymous will keep me company and bring his laptop out.  It’s incredible how productive two adults can be when the phone doesn’t ring, and the kiddos are sleeping peacefully).

It seems wrong how much I love not being tied to a school schedule.  I feel like every time someone asks me for some help on a project, my answer is, “Sure!  We can totally do that!  When would you like to come over?” (aside: perhaps this is how the list on the fridge is never lacking).  Oh, introspection!  I don’t have time for you right now… this blog update won’t write itself.  *Cough*  As I was saying, being free to do the laundry at morning, noon, or midnight is just lovely.  Who cares when the garbage goes out as long as the house is clean?  Grocery shopping is so flexible in the summer, too!  Bea wakes up and wants to bake a batch of brownies?  Great!  Doc asks to go to the library?  Dandy!  Let me get my keys!  Look at me; I’m the mom who says, “YES!”  It won’t last, but it’s so spectacular to enjoy today.

And, with that, I’m off to put whipping cream frosting on a coconut cake.  Hope your July is just as it should be!