Doc is now two.


Is it killing me just a little bit?  Hmmm, yes, just a little bit.

Seriously, how did happen so fast?!  One day we were bringing him home, and now he speaks in full sentences!  (Granted, they are Yoda-type sentences, “Mama, me outside go, me?”.  But they are, in fact, sentences).

We went to camp as usual this year.  It’s shockingly full of sugar and minimal sleep and almost way too fun to even go, but we do… and it’s always the best time all summer.

One night, while watching the evening game with Doc snuggled on my lap, he happened to glance up at the sky.  He let out a little gasp, thrust his pointer finger into the heavens, and asked, “That, Mama?”

I looked up into the night and then smiled.  Not being accustomed to being awake so late and so far from the glare of civilization, it wasn’t surprising that he didn’t recognize the twinkling pinpoints of light above us.  I answered, “That’s a star, Doc.  Star.”

He withdrew his hand but continued staring upward.  “Stah,” he said slowly.  “Stah, Mama.”  Then he stared me straight in the face and patted his chest.  “Stah.  Give it to you.  Stah, Mama.”

We’ll simply say that my eyes got full all of a sudden as I squished the breath out of him.

So, like I said, it’s killing me a little bit that time is wisking past us.  Who doesn’t want a precious boy who gives his first stars to his mom?  I’ll take that any day!