What a week!

I finished my second silver ring… still not sure if I love the process (carved first in wax, mould, cast, file, polish, clean, find a flaw, file, polish, clean, find another flaw, polish, clean—yeah).  But I do like when someone complements my jewelry being able to say, “Oh, thanks.  I made it.”  It feels cool to give one of those little self-effacing shrugs and glance down at my hand.  The fact that I really like that feeling…  hmmm, maybe it doesn’t show something worth keeping in my character. (Self-reflecting can be a drag, you know?!)

Moving on!

This week brought three eager college girls to my studio; they all wanted to learn to sew, so I started them out on knit.  That’s right, KNIT!  Take that, cotton weave!  Although, I do love me some cotton weave—these ladies wanted maxi skirts, gorgeous, flowing maxi skirts.  We measured, selected fabric, cut, stitched, and (here it comes!) SURGED the garments.  Yep, Mr. Anonymous has once again melted my heart with a piece of crafting goodness.

It’s a total chunk of metal, but it races like a hummingbird’s heart after an espresso con panna.  Wow!  I’m honestly considering naming it; it’s that incredible.

Anyway, they’ve now moved on to beginner embroidery.

After they master that, we’ll begin Christmas gifts.  (I KNOW it’s September; yes, really I do.  But if I’m going to assist with their work AND get mine done, we’re starting before it’s officially autumn).

I’m thinking coasters like these in sets of four or six would be an inexpensive type of gift for them to make.  (This one went to my excellent mother-in-law today; she’s got a thing for matryoshka dolls).

There’s a term for golfers that get all jumpy and struggle to perform when under pressure on the course: it’s called getting the ‘yips’.  Ever since everything happened with adoption at the end of winter, I have been freezing up when it comes to sewing baby quilts.  It was more than not having the heart to stitch them; it’s been sort of a mental paralysis.  Or, as I refer to it, baby quilt yips.  This week, I decided that enough was enough.  Friends are having these precious bundles, and burp cloths and booties weren’t going to hold out forever!  I washed the fabric, had a little cry, ironed it all out, ate a piece of dark chocolate, sketched a design, poured myself a cup of coffee, started on the blocks, had another little cry, pieced everything together, went and kissed my kids while they slept, quilted the layers, got Mr. Anonymous to come sit in the studio while I worked, made and sewed on the bias tape, and finally, FINALLY, stood up FINISHED!

Seriously, it was a tremendous relief; I’m even embarrassed to type it, but there it was DONE, and I was liberated.  What an emotional ordeal over a blanket!  It feels like I could rock out a hundred for the stash at this point (and perhaps I should in case the yips return, but let’s hope they don’t!).

Otherwise, the kids and I assembled this construction paper bunting for the sunroom ceiling in honor of autumn.

I traced their hands, and they cut and roughed a little color over the top before we laced them on the yarn.  I like how it turned out, and I think it will last fine until Thanksgiving (although Doc’s climbing skills are off the hook.  We find him hanging off the craziest stuff!).

Hope your everyday is fine, fine, fine!