No post for October… you may or may not have noticed.

It was a busy month.

We have a new daughter.

*deep breath*

Let me type that again (it just feels so great!):


The craziest thing?  She’s the same age as Doc.

Yeah, we’ve got twins.


Bea has been fantastic.  Doc has surpassed our most optimistic expectations for having a new sibling.

And Birdie?  Well, she’s just wonderful.

The Fuzz dog passed away right after my last post.  So before we had heard a word about Birdie, we brought home another pup.  This one is (ironically) two years old.  We hadn’t meant to get her, but she was so stinkin’ charming.  *shrug*  What’re you going to do, you know?

So the Anonymous family now has three kids, a feisty dog, and a couple insane parents.

Life is funny.  Life at our house is hilarious!

And nap time is now over, so that’s it for me!

Happy Thanksgiving!