It’s interesting how different a house with three children is from a house with two.

It’s also interesting the type of comments that are made to us now.

When we had one child, we experienced horrified comments like, “Well, when are you going to have another?!  You can’t let this one be spoiled!”

When we had two children, sometimes people would remark, “Hmmm, there’s such an age gap.  That’s unfortunate.”

Upon Birdie’s arrival, we were greeted at the airport with a sign that proclaimed the “Anonymous Horde”!  And we are often told now that we have “so MANY kids!”  Friends have begun to hesitantly ask, “Is this going to become your, you know, thing?  A thing where you just adopt a gazillion kids?”

And really, it strikes us as humorous.

Because when it was “just” Bea, we were content.  And when Doc came along, we were thrilled with the age gap between him and his older sister.  And now that Birdie is a part of the Anonymouses, our old life seems like a pokey memory.

‘Will we adopt more’ is the big question.

In short, I have no idea.  We didn’t plan for Bea or Doc or Birdie, and look how incredible they are!  We were ready for them all, but they were each a big surprise.  What we’re telling our concerned friends is that we don’t have a plan—and that’s perfect for us.

(Before you think we’re those super-irresponsible la-la-la people who lean on society or the government to provide for our little ones, we have our retirement fund in place, college planned for, savings in the bank, and feed a staggering number of extra people at our table each week… and are grateful to God for it.)

Another interesting thing that comes with having five in the household is when sickness visits, it stays for a second round.   YUCKY!

The “twins” went to bed early tonight after lots of napping and insane amount of whining.  Truly pathetic babies.  Bea has been the sniffle princess for a couple weeks now, and her cough just won’t quit!  There was an entire afternoon where all of us were sparklingly healthy, but that’s a fading memory at this point.  Ah, well.  Perhaps we’ll be hale for Christmas!

And speaking of Christmas, I’m off to stitch some final gifts.

Hope your days are merry and bright!