It’s a sparkly new year!

You know what I’m going to do with it?

Love it!

If 2013 is half as incredible as 2012… whew!  I can’t wait!

After maniacally scrubbing cleaning the house for our lovely social worker to visit a few days before Christmas, we hosted both sides of the family (on different days, of course, because *snicker* we’re not CRAZY!) for their own Christmases, hosted a Christmas Eve eve dessert night (you know, the night before the real Christmas Eve), and then shamelessly enjoyed ourselves all of Christmas Eve and Christmas day with a lot of truly dear friends… and some of the time all by ourselves!


We took Birdie to see the snow for her first time (we had been so SURE we’d have a white Christmas, but—oh, well!).  Seeing it out the car window, she decided it was ‘scare-wee’.  Not expecting this, we flew into sales mode, reassuring her that snow was peaceful and happy and clean and amazing.

But she stuck with ‘scary’ as her adjective of choice.

What to do?  Mr. Anonymous found a rest stop and a fresh heap of snow.  He filled up cups for all the kids and passed out plastic spoons (you keep plastic spoons in your glove compartment, right?  They’re beside the chopsticks, loose straws, and unused napkins.).

Doc and Bea lit right up with shouts and squeals.  Birdie wrinkled her nose but was curious.

“Taste it!” Mr. Anonymous urged her.  Looking over at her siblings tucking away like they weren’t going to get a brain freeze, she hesitantly scooped the tiniest amount onto her tongue.

Wide-eyed, she exclaimed, “It ice!”

We laughed and said that, yes, it was ice, but its name is ‘snow’.  She found this very entertaining but disagreed.  Even on the way home at the end of the day, she’d point out the window and say, “OOH!  The ice so pwetty!”  Now when we read books about snow, she’ll point to the pictures and say in a confidential way, “Dat weally ice… but name snow.”

In crafting news, I finished a friend’s baby quilt FINALLY today.  It’s been planned and put aside since they found out the gender four months ago.  *eye roll*  What can I say; we’ve been busy.

Doc has given me an all-new appreciation for boy quilts.  He does NOT want to cuddle under a pacifier-printed, baby piggy blanket at two.  OH, NO!  He wants the camping quilt or fishing quilt or truck quilt or airplane quilt.  If the others are offered to him, he makes this sickened, mournful face and says, “Mama, I just no yike it!”

Therefore, for his new little friend, we went a different direction than anything else that will be at the baby shower this weekend.  His mother confided in me what the tiny fellow’s name is, and his initials spell ‘BAM’!  I had this upholstery weight fabric from the ‘as-is’ bin in IKEA that had comic awesomeness all over it.

So the theme of this quilt is GODZILLA TAKES METROPOLIS:

BAM's quilt (8)

The back is lined with fleece because this sucker is heavy.  If it had batting in the middle and a basic cotton weight on the back, it would smother baby BAM.

BAM's quilt (2)

Too much?  I don’t think he’ll think so… and his parents will be cool with it, too.  But we’ll find out soon enough!

A lot of blogs have been posting all of their new year’s resolutions (which is great!).  My usual resolution is to be more organized, and—for sure—I’ve already deep-cleaned the house once since New Year’s Day.  And every year I learn a new artform.  Fine.  Those are enjoyable!


But there is another.  And I don’t want to breathe it aloud or wisk it into cyberspace until there are a few months of success under my belt.

So for all of you out there who are quietly working on yourself: good job.

I’m pulling for you!