We got Birdie’s newborn pictures in the mail from the hospital where she was born!  These are the only pictures of her we have from before she came to us.  She was 9 lbs. and 10 oz.!  What a chunk!

Right after they came, we sat on the couch for an hour.  She’d stare at each one and say, “Aww!  Baby Birdie!  See more?”  We cycled through them again and again.

Then she wanted to see Doc’s baby pictures and then Bea’s.  Finally, she wanted to see hers again.  At last, she said with a tickled sort of awe, “Birdie was BABY, Mama!”

With a tight hug, we told her that she had indeed been a baby.  “Now we put Birdie baby on wall, too?” she asked, pointing to the pictures in the dining room.

Mr. Anonymous and I looked at each other over the tops of the kids’ heads.  ‘Worth every penny,’ I mouthed as he nodded.  To us, these photos are priceless!