Sometimes I wonder: is it okay that I frequently post awesome, cute stuff my kids do because it makes me just so happy?

Or does that seem self-aggrandizing or somehow arrogant?

Or does the fact that this blog is anonymous remove all taint of that?

Or is it fine that I want to post about the darlingness of my children because, hey, I’m the author here and proud of my kids?


I am decisive.

*snort and chuckle*

Moving forward then…

During Sunday services, Birdie began to frantically tap me on the arm.  She’s recently potty-trained, so any alarm makes me think we need to rush to the facilities.

I looked down at her intent face and raised my eyebrows.

“Mama!” she gasped.  “I WUHF YOU!”

Birdie had never said “I love you” unprompted until then, and—quite honestly—it took a moment to register what she had just uttered.

Her heart-on-the-sleeve eyes searched mine with a worried expression.

I did the only thing I could think of in the face of such concern.  I kissed her soundly on the head while burying her in a bear hug.

Finally, she pulled back, revealing a magnificent smile.  “Good,” she whispered and went back to singing.

Yes, people.  That IS what adoption is all about.  Giving a child the life of not only being loved—but a life where she can feel safe enough to love back.

Hasn’t God done that for us?  He adopted me as a Christian to be His own child, and now I can love myself and others because I know what real love is.

In similar news, Doc is as wildly protective now of Birdie as he is of Bea—which is saying something!  That boy is fierce!

He asked if he could grow a mustache about a month ago.

Our response?  Go for it.

Several times a day, he’ll seek out a mirror and gently finger above his upper lip and frown.  Bea has begun to fashion paper ones for him to wear depending on his outfit.  Today was blue in a gaucho style.

Bea and Birdie are now sharing a room.  We had a young lady living with us for six months, but she recently moved into a new place with some friends.  Birdie had been in our room (the Mr.’s and mine) since coming home, but on the four month anniversary of her arrival, she got the lower bunk in the “Girl Room”.  There was a fair deal of decorating and arranging and deciding whose space was whose.

Oh, the excitement!

The Mr. and I were slightly apprehensive that perhaps the move would be bumpy.  After all, the girls are so very different in personalities and, um, tidiness—but things have gone beautifully!

Bea is enjoying having a sister to dress in the mornings, and Birdie is strongly opinionated with Bea’s wardrobe.  It’s an unusual dynamic, but both girls are happy, so we don’t interfere.

And, truly, they are precious together!  They plan all sorts of little adventures for Doc (playing ‘roller coaster’ or ‘pioneers’ or acting out the role of Michael from ‘Mary Poppins’), and he retreats to his basketball net when it becomes too much for his masculine sensibilities.

My best friend (aside from Mr. Anonymous) is to be proposed to in next couple weeks.  I am giddy for her, and it’s a nice secret to keep.  Their wedding is either going to be absolutely massive or an elopement to a tropical place.  It should be interesting.

And then there’s the dog… who refuses to be completely housebroken, who requires constant attention, who plays aggressively with the little ones, who will happily snatch food off of their chairs while they are eating… most of the time, I would absolutely refuse to return a dog to a rescue organization—but I’m wavering with this dog in this circumstance.

She’s young.  And, of course, we knew that when we got her.  She’s feisty.  We suspected that.  What we did NOT expect was to adopt another child within two weeks of bringing the dog home.

And does that make an enormous difference?

I’m beginning to think it does.

*Eyeroll*  One day, I’m ready to take the dog back; the next, Mr. Anonymous is.  But we have yet to agree at the exact same moment during the rescue organization’s business hours.  We’ll see what the next few weeks bring.

And that’s enough for now!  A vacation is on the horizon, so I’m sure I’ll post again beforehand.  The anticipation is deliciously exciting!

Enjoy your last whiff of winter; spring is ready to debut!