Yesterday, marked three years since a friend called in hysterics, confessing that she said we’d adopt a baby.  That started the journey to Doc becoming an Anonymous.

And Birdie came home five short months ago today!

When I began this blog in 2009, I never dreamed that I would have three children by 2013.

It’s just plain wonderful how God’s plans are better than we could ever imagine.

And on that quick note, I’m off to pack, pack, pack.  We leave on vacation, as the kids would say, in just “two more sleeps”!

IF they can sleep!  We’re silly excited around here!

Doc has a new bow tie (by request), the twins have new seatbelt strap covers and full amuse-me-in-the-car kits for a more comfortable ride, Bea has an entire BAG of new books to read, and I just finished stitching a dress for a gala we’ll be attending while away.  Mr. Anonymous has all his favorite road trip food to enjoy.  It’s going to be a GREAT time!

Hope your day is the anniversary of something fantastic… and if it’s not, do something today that will be worth remembering next April 2nd.  Happy day to you!