What month is it?

I can usually keep my days straight, but this little blog is getting away from me.  I used to feel a small tug of guilt that I hadn’t updated the thing in a while… now my goal is to just get something down once a month.  Anything over that is gravy.  Do I sound like an underachiever yet?  That’s okay with me.

What is so strange to me is that I write so many articles that never get posted.  On Mother’s Day, I outlined a full diatribe about birthmothers, adoption, and my own birth experience with Bea… all while cleaning the kitchen.  Bea had another birthday, and I mentally scripted a long reminisce of her babyhood and childhood—Mr. Anonymous and I were up late decorating the house for her birthday party.  But my laptop isn’t handy when I’m standing on the dining room table trying to hang streamers from the chandelier.  The garden is bursting with luscious roses, giant bearded irises, scent-drenched lilacs, enormous peonies, and riotous clematis, but when I’m weeding, I’m not typing.  I’m teaching a sewing class in twenty minutes, and my desk is stacked with quilt blocks and fabrics (and a small beading project), so there isn’t really time to write about that either.  Mr. Anonymous is adding another bedroom onto the house (the man is a machine, seriously), and that’s totally newsworthy, but I’m not going to get into that right now either!

So what’s on my mind?  What’s been bustin’ my chops that last week, waking me up multiple times in the night?

I need another girl name.

No, we’re not expecting right now… but here’s the thing: Bea has been ardently praying for another sibling (and, for the record, that’s how Doc and Birdie came to be a part of our family, so don’t roll your eyes).  Birdie has joined in, too.  That’s the sort of thing we take seriously around here.  God hears the prayers of children.

Names are a big deal.  I’ve had a life-long preoccupation with them, so the naming of my own wee ones is done with a lot of thought… and since I’m blessedly not a single parent, Mr. Anonymous has to feel pretty passionate about them as well.

We like to keep a name for each gender in the back pocket, and we’ve got a solid one for a boy.

But inspiration for another daughter…

*sigh*  It’ll happen.  It always does.  And it’ll be perfect.

Today, though, it’s making me crazy.

That’s it.  That’s the only fly in the ointment.  Otherwise, our life is all cherries and sunshine!  Birdie and Doc are the best of friends, the ladies love sharing their room, Bea is almost done with school for the year (give a cheer!), Doc has learned how to ride his two-wheel bike, Bea has become self-motivated to master French, Birdie truly believes that we will never abandon her (big win there!), and life is chock-full of wonderful people in our lives.  Our world is a good place.

I hope yours is, too!