Children are brutally honest.  Emphasis on the ‘brutal’ part.

And women are notoriously critical of themselves (see the whole Dove phenomenon sweeping the web right now).

Last weekend, Bea labored over some cards for each family member.  Each one had mini photos of the person, their name at the top, and a ‘profile’ she had penned.  This is what mine said:


Mama is wonderful.

She always has a kind word for everyone.

She can make anyone feel better,

and she can make a really good meal!


Honestly, I was thunderstruck.

Of all my children, she is the one of whom I am most critical.  And, yes, I’ve been consciously struggling lately to not criticize, but does that really make up for all these years of constant correction?  If anything, her sweet words were galvanizing.  “If this is how she sees me,” I thought, “there’s no way I’m going to give her a reason to think otherwise!”

So my children are making me better every day.

And that’s painfully great.

Next topic:

Two weeks ago, a mother walked into school and asked, “Does anyone want a duck?”  Inside an old milk crate was a tiny, two-day-old duckling.

“Why does it need a home?” I asked with a smile.

The mom shook her head sadly and shrugged.  “We don’t have the space for her.  I just don’t want to have to wring her neck.”

Can you guess what happened next?

I made a quick call, and fifteen minutes later, Mr. Anonymous showed up with our own milk crate and a quick kiss for me.

“Love you!  See you at home!” were the words he tossed over his shoulder on the way out the door.

This is Polka Duck.

6June13 duck (1)

We’ve raised wild Mallards before and given them a wild release to a local lake, but Polka came imprinted to people, so it looks as if she may need to stay.

But that’s okay.  The kids are enamored by her, and Mr. Anonymous is soft towards her, too.  What’s not to like about a duck anyway?

Next subject:

I’ve been stitching a bit lately… small quilts that I can talk about more another time, but here is a preview.

quilt circle quilt


Last subject for today:


Right now, this little vase of loveliness is bursting my studio with fragrance.

6June2013 roses in the studio (5)

The radiant sunshine, the wafting of lavender, the creamy pleasure of homemade ice cream, the marvelously light sky late into the evening… I love it all!  (Imagine me clapping wildly, sea lion style, here).  I love wearing dresses or skirts EVERY DAY.  I love the feel of sockless toes.  I love the hum of fat bumble bees.  I love the squeals of joy from the little Anonymouses as they race around the sprinkler.  I love sleeping just under a sheet instead of a stack of quilts.  I love delicious, drippy stone fruit from the market.  I love going to garage sales early on Saturday mornings.  I love entertaining other families and not worrying about school in the morning.

I L-O-V-E love it!

So enjoy some sunshine and take some time to do something totally unimportant.  Happy day to you!