Can July be any nicer?

Really, it’s a wonderful-licious sort of month.

Here’s what’s been happening at the Anonymous home:

Polka grew up!  She got in the last of her adult feathers and FLEW AWAY!  Did you see that coming?  We didn’t, but Mr. Anonymous and I are pretty relieved (ducks can live up to twenty years!) and very happy for her.  She learned how to roost, self-feed, hide from predators, and swim… and fly.  She’ll be fine; she wanted her freedom!

Doc has come across a new favorite toy.  Now, while nothing can take the place of a ball, this comes close.  He spotted this set at a garage sale last week and hasn’t left it alone since it’s been sterilized.  Here’s how he left them set up the other day before going outside to play.

favorite toy

He drops each character off at their own stop, kicks off the “mean” passengers, remembers everyone’s job that they are off to, and then picks everyone up in the reverse order to deliver them to their homes.  Here’s the magic of this toy: he will play with it for HOURS.  This is my child that has to jump to count to ten, walks around while “reading” a book, and that has been caught multiple times swinging from the living room curtains.  As one of his great-grandmothers put it, “I’ve never seen him so engrossed in anything.”

And speaking of Doc’s kinetic needs, Mr. Anonymous purchased a twelve-foot trampoline (with net!) for the backyard.  When Doc’s outside, he’s flying around on it.  When he’s inside, he’s got his bus.  The girls like the trampoline, too.  Bea most enjoys laying on it and reading.  Birdie pretends it’s a home in which she can entertain Bea and Doc.  The three of them have required some strange moratoriums be set on the space: no sport balls (Doc), no shade umbrellas (Bea), and no tea sets (Birdie).

My “quiet” time indoors has been spent finishing these.

purple quilt

yellow wheels

yellow wheel

They’re both toddler size and are for a charity auction earlier next year; there are between two and four quilts to add.  Progress has been slow, but I’m motivated to have them done before Christmas prep starts.  Side note: someone mentioned last week that Christmas was getting close, and I almost knocked them flat.  Stop rushing everything!  (Hmmm… that sounds hostile.  I’m usually pretty even keel; I promise.)

But that’s what I’ve got for today.  Guests will be here in less than twenty minutes, and Bea is leaving for a baking date, so I’m done here!

Revel in the day!  It’s a good one!