Two things:

First, a couple of weeks ago, we were all piled in the car doing errands when Bea piped up that she wants to have a farm when she’s grown.  Mr. Anonymous asked what she’d have on it, and she replied, “Oh, I’d like a dog and a horse and some sheep.”

Of course, Birdie then says that SHE’D like a farm someday.  “I want a kitty an’ a piggy an’ a sheeps.”

Not to be outdone by his sisters, Doc then declared that he, too, will have a farm.

“What would be on your farm, Doc?” we asked.

He knew immediately.  “I want a puppy and a kitty and a train and a bus annnnnnnnd… a twuck.”

Ack, he kills me!  Now that the “twins” are three, I feel like everything is happening at light speed with them.  When Bea turned three, I embraced the constant and rapid change… but now… let’s just say I’ve grown nostalgic in my old age.

I know I’m not alone in noticing the sudden switch from ‘toddlers’ to ‘kids’.  We’ve started to receive comments like, “Oh, your babies have grown too much!  Time for another one!”  Typically, I shrug and smile.  Really, what am I going to say?

Wow, though.  They really are fantastic children, and the love I feel for them sometimes makes my ribs ache.  We’re so, so blessed.  If you’re a mom, I’m sure you know the feeling.

Second, my charity quilt progress has been slow but steady.  I finished two more, but one of them is going to a friend’s expected little girl (so I can’t show it to you—her details are on it).

So!  Here is the third one!  This was my sketch and some “compass” fabric that was designed for the Boy Scouts of America.

compass quilt (1)

Here’s the finished result.

compass quilt (2)

And the back is all national parks of the United States.

compass quilt (6)

Granted, it’s not much to write about, but I like how the arrows give it some east/west movement.

That’s a touch of our August.  I’m ignoring the start of school as long as possible, but last week I cleaned out the kids’ closets from tip to floor, took a startling amount of stuff to the Goodwill, and am going to a much-anticipated BBQ tomorrow.  Summer has had wings this year, but hopefully, there are still a few more thrills left of it.

Personally, I’m thinking s’mores.

Love to you!