September was the month of quilts.

My goal for the charity auction is reached, and it feels fabulous!

Here’s the damage:

minky floral (2)

This one is made out of supple and fluffy minky fabric with a satin back.  It’s small enough to be a car blanket, but it’s batted inside, so it has a nice weight, too.

minky owl quilt (1)

This one is similar to the one above except (a) I can’t seem to take a worthy picture of it, and (b) it’s about double the size (so no batting for this one lest it feel too much like a mattress).

stripes and blocks quilt

I’m in love with this strips and blocks one!  To me it says, “BOY!” without balloon-y cartoons or realistic grenades.  It’s just happy and simple.

teal and brown quilt (2)

This teal and brown one has kind of a chic country girl vibe, but—for the life of me—I am horrible at photographing it in a worthy way.  The back has yellow rickrack sewn into the binding for a cheerful surprise.

pink and orange floral quilt (1)

If colors were actual affection, pink and orange would be a child’s squeal with delight and a cozy hug.  There’s a satin ribbon tag stitched into the edge because all my babies loved the tags on their blankets (it’s nice for hanging up, too).  This one is large and light; it could transition easily to a princess cape in a couple of years.

doll quilt (2)

Finally, a doll quilt that I don’t intend to send to auction.  I imagine this will become part of Birdie’s Christmas loot because that girl loves to mama her dolls.  It’s only about a yard long by a couple of feet wide… a good size for three-year-old hands to practice swaddling.

They aren’t much, but they are something!

Now, after I whip out some yellow polka-dotted bunting for a friend’s shower, my faithful sewing machine is going on her annual “vacation” (a.k.a. cleaning at the repair shop).  At this point, I think we could use some time apart… distance makes the heart grow fonder and all that.

As September slips into October, here’s to a super-productive, back-into-the-swing-of-things, crack-out-the-Christmas-ideas, deep-clean-the-house, bake-some-goodies autumn joy!