What is life like around our house now that we have four children?


No.  Seriously.  It’s hilarious.

Jet is obsessed (this may not be strong enough of a word) with learning to tell jokes.  Most kids his age are just getting to the how-to-tell-an-actually-funny-joke stage, so this is awesome timing for us.

Buuuuuuuut… this also makes the twins want to tell jokes, too.

Humor is a fiddly thing.

This is one that Birdie told last week:

“Mama!  Knock, knock!”

“Who’s there, honey?”

“Puh- pull!”

“Purple who, Birdie?”

“It’s pwetty!”

And cue cascades of laughter from the three-year-olds.  Doc thinks she is a riot.  Obviously.

This is an amusing thing in and among itself, so Bea and Jet start to chuckle, and the Mr. and I are drawn in… tears end up streaming down our faces.

Naturally, Birdie then breathlessly declares, “Yeah!  That a good one!”

And we all bust up again.

Oh, my.

A lot of people have asked, “So?  How’s it going?” while shooting pointed glances in the direction of Jet (who is by no means an idiot and tries hard not to roll his eyes).

We produce our biggest, eye-watering smiles and answer that, wow, everything is GREAT!!  (Because, once again, Jet is by no means an idiot and does not care for being under a social microscope).  After these concerned and truly well-meaning folks drift off, we parents offer a sly and somewhat apologetic wink to Jet.  He nods back.  It’s cool.

Soon, his eyes brighten, and he bursts out, “Hey!  Wanna hear a joke?  This’s a good one!”

And it really isn’t… but that’s worth smiling over, too.