It suddenly dawned on me that I didn’t post a blessed thing for January, and now February is almost gone, too!

So what’s been going on for the Anonymouses?

Not too much!

Doc and Birdie have become more independent (able to do everything in the bathroom by themselves, able to totally dress themselves, able to even pick out a weather-appropriate outfit without help, and almost able to buckle themselves in the car).  They cannot, however, go without stopping for a hug or an ‘I love you’ during playtime.  Which is nice when your babies are suddenly fully-functioning children and you feel like time has thundered past, wild and deafening as a freight train, sweeping away precious cuddling days and the scent of A&D Ointment.

Jet is finding a place for himself.  Honestly, he’s actually finding himself.  He’s just now grasping who he really is… and he’s a rather nice kid.  He’s also curious, focused, artistic, and honest.  He is realizing that he is able to DO more than he imagined: take out the trash, work with Mr. Anonymous in the garage, build elaborate Lego vehicles, research other countries, and be responsible for his little world of space and things.

Bea has taken to knitting for the last four months or so.  She’s always been a voracious reader, but now she’ll stitch a few inches in the morning before picking up a book.  Her work is constantly improving, so is her creative stamina.  Getting a few large projects behind her has made a difference in her level of patience for a piece.

Mr. Anonymous has been building me a new table.  The current one only comfortably seats ten, and with six in the family, that means a card table gets hauled out several times a week when others come to dinner.  The new table will be able to handsomely accommodate fourteen.  The base is done; I have the job of varnishing it tonight.  Mr. Anonymous is working on the top whenever he can smoosh it into his schedule.

I’ve been working on baby blankets (yes, again). Six friends are expecting, and one just gave birth (but her blanket was finished at Christmas.  Whew!).  I’m almost done with blanket #4.  Here’s the one that went to some friends who are adopting a newborn girl.

8Feb2014 (2)

8Feb2014 (4)

The question we keep getting is the same old one: will we adopt again?

I’ve taken to smiling or laughing out loud (depending on the asker).  And when pushed, I simply answer with, “I don’t know.”

Children are inconvenient, embarrassing, and exhausting most of the time.  But never have I spoke to a person on their deathbed (don’t ask) and heard them bemoan having too many children… that can’t be said for the opposite option.

We’re blessed.  We FEEL blessed (less so when someone has the stomach flu or decides to throw a tantrum in the library, but you get my point).  It’s hard to imagine having more joy, more chaos, more LIFE in our life.

But that’s okay.  It’s not up to me.

God’s in charge of all that, and He’s more than qualified to make those decisions.

All I have to do is be mom and varnish the table.

Happy hugs to you as winter’s visit is almost through!