This really happened.

I was in the middle of plating dinner when sharp, anguished howls went up from outside. Mr. Anonymous dashed out the door to find Doc and Birdie crying messily for all the neighborhood to hear.

Mr. Anonymous couldn’t see any blood or that anyone was caught somehow. Firmly, he demanded, “What’s going on?”

“Birdie BIT my thumb!” Doc wailed, waving his extended, and indeed very red, thumb around in the air.

‘What was it doing in her mouth?’ wondered Mr. Anonymous internally.

“Birdie? Why did you bite Doc’s thumb?”

She nodded an affirmative. In between sobs, she managed to choke out, “He ASKED me to!”

Long pause from the mister here as the two continue to cry.

“Doc, did you ASK Birdie to bite your thumb?”

Distressed and still waving his thumb, he reached for Birdie. “I asked her to do it GENTLY!”

The double sobbing ratcheted up as Birdie consoled Doc in her arms.

“I can’t help it,” she wailed. “My teeth are so HARD!”


That’s a genuine slice of Anonymous life.

Hope your day was equally as humorous!