I’ve rhapsodized before of the glorious nature of this season, but today, another reason struck me as to why this time of year is so lush.

It’s the quiet.

Now, sure, winter has the snow-quiet that muffles the outside world in a cocoon of hush.  Fine.  I love winter, too.

But summer has a quiet that comes only from the kids happily shoveling in the garden.  Or sleeping like the dead after a day in the sun.  Or busily licking popsicles on the porch.

And the house is most quiet after a dozen other children have left for the day or guests have concluded their visit with tearful hugs goodbye or the dishes have all been stacked into the dishwasher at the end of a dinner party.

It’s the quiet after the loud… the REALLY LOUD.


To think, now that summer is officially here—we have a whole three months of it!

May your summer be loud-quiet, too!