I’ve been ignoring the start of school.


I’ve said it.

Our kids are on their last week of freedom, and today… sigh… today, I finally pulled out the new boxes of crayons, new scissors, new notebooks, cool pencils, new glue sticks—and began to put them into their backpacks.  Then the school books went in.  Jet has three more books coming in the mail, but they’ll be here before classes start.

And I know.

I do.

Plenty of you out there are saying, “What?!  We’ve been in school for over a MONTH now!  Are you kidding me?”


Mercifully, our school basically takes the whole summer off.  For those of you thinking that through, we don’t get OUT of school until around the end of June, so our schedule isn’t so unreasonable when you think about it that way.

So even though most of the mom world out there has already sent their little ones off to classes (or at least back to the books at the kitchen table), I’m just now in the throes of back-to-school blahs.

And it’s not exciting yet.

*another ridiculous sigh*

Okay, enough complaining!

I live in a first-world country where education is a right for all children.  My kids are able to have new school supplies and clothes.  We are super-duper, crazy blessed.

With what is left of this week, we’re going to ride bikes, take the dog on walks in the middle of the day, eat popsicles, visit friends, have guests to dinner and make them stay well past everyone’s bedtime, and sleep in as much as possible.

We’ve harvested most of the edibles out of the garden already (no corn or squash this year), but the tomatoes are still going strong! 

Doc and Birdie are starting a curriculum at home to get them ready for Kindergarten next year… reading, writing, and math.  It’s been very, very odd prepping FOUR backpacks this year instead of just one.  Granted, Bea has been old enough for a long time now to get all her school stuff in order, but I still liked to be the one to do it.  This time last year, Doc and Birdie weren’t old enough to have school work prepared for them, and we didn’t even know about Jet yet!

It’s been a good summer of everyone readjusting their mindsets to a new birth order, evaluating their places in the family, going through lots of physical and emotional growth, and just plain having fun.

The Mr. and I were talking recently, and we discovered that the number of days we didn’t do ANYTHING this summer can be totaled up on one hand.  That’s a satisfying feeling… that we used the whole thing up.  No one was sick.  No one broke a bone.  Everyone had plenty to do.  Goals were set and met.  It was amazing.

You’d think I’d be thrilled for the next chapter here!

Hmmmm… that’s starting to sound like complaining again.  I’m delighted to have this last slip of summer; that’s all.

So here’s to one last hurrah!  Hope your days are packed with the last bits of summer magic before the 23rd!