Our little community has suffered a tragedy.

A young man (I’ll call him ‘Jacob’) whom we all loved and appreciated suddenly died last weekend, and we are all heart-broken.

Last Wednesday in Bible class, I asked each of the little ones what they’d like to pray for.

One child wanted to thank God for Jesus.

Another wanted to thank God for a sick person getting better.

Another child wanted to thank God for her parents.

Birdie solemnly requested praying for our late friend’s parents and brother.

The moment ‘amen’ was said, one little boy piped up with, “Hey, Mrs. Anonymous! You didn’t pray for Mr. Jacob!”

Doc openly laughed, turned to his buddy, and said, “You don’t need to pray for Mr. Jacob! He’s in heaven.  We’re the only sad ones!”

So live for God, hug your babies, tell your friends how incredible they are, and kiss your spouse every time you part.

They’ll be sad when you’re gone, but they’ll know where to meet you in the end.