“Well, Mrs.  What on earth have you been doing with yourself?!”

Not blogging, that’s for sure!

Sorry about that.

Our little world keeps turning, and we are trying to keep industriously up with it.

The kids are all finished with spring break (oh, how I love spring break).  We’ve decided to take a trip near the start of May… and one in July… and one in August.  It’s a summer of travel scheduled for us.

And that is just completely fine with me.

We haven’t vacationed AT ALL since Jet came home, and—woah—we could use one (or three apparently).

Just talking to the kids about these trips has given them all a burst of happiness.  There’s lots of giggling and planning and packing ideas and hopes of which friends we’ll see.  Bea and Jet are determined to be so far ahead in their studies that they will have no work to make up once we’re back in May.  Self-motivated students?!  Um, how totally great is that?  (Answer: very, so very great.)

Wags the dog is going to be the only mopey one in the family—but he’s got the best backyard to play in while we’re away.  When we have to go out of town, he usually doesn’t want to come back home with us!  (The sitter hand-feeds him treats all day.  Don’t pity Wags).

So that’s what we’re doing, what we’re planning, and where our heads all are… on vacation.

Here’s to kicking your feet up and napping for the afternoon!