I’m not a spaz.  I promise.

Yes, it’s been a long while since I’ve posted ANYTHING.

Sorry ’bout that.

We have five children.



Bunny came home a year and a half ago.

She was so tiny.  And so sick.

So there were a LOT of doctor appointments, even a rather whopping surgery.

BUT… she’s perfect… and in perfect health, too.

We say the same thing often to people who see us out in public and ask, “HOW many children do you have?!”  (And it’s always in that way.  You know.  That I-can’t-count-while-I’m-talking-but-I’m-rude-enough-to-point-at-each-one-anyway sort of way).

We smile and hold up five fingers.  “A handful!” is our sing-songy response.

The kids all do it now, too.  Even Bunny.  It’s like we have a choreographed Broadway bit.  I find it profoundly amusing.

Of course, all of them want “just ONE more”.  I’ve taken to laughing at them to their sweet, precious little faces.

Our social worker said we are out of room, so now the kids think we should move and have taken to pointing out each ‘For Sale’ sign they see.

Doc keeps suggesting we buy a barn. “It’d be a HUGE house, and barns come with fields, and Jet and I could play FOOTBALL!”


It would also be a barn.

And yet, in all of this continuous swirl of daily chaos, five is the easiest number of children to parent.  The EASIEST!

They are the best, very best, amazing small (some taller than me) people.  Ack!  How I love them.

So that’s why I’m not a spaz.

I’m busy.

Not as busy as, say, a mom of eight, but…

It’s perfect.